Kayaking in English

This page is a summary of Saimaan Latu’s kayaking information in English.

If you are a group of people (five or more), contact jari.vanhanen(at)saimaanlatu.fi to arrange a separate guided tour for your group.

Tuesday kayaking


The Tuesday kayaking is a guided tour. Usually our tour takes us from Myllysaari to a nice place in Ruohosaari island, where we have a campfire and possibility for swimming. The distance from Myllysaari to Ruohosaari is about 5 kilometres.

The Tuesday kayaking suits almost everyone (see below), and is open for everyone, even if you’re not a member of Saimaan Latu.

We (Saimaan Latu) reserve the right to:

  • cancel the tour at any time, e.g. due to difficult weather conditions or change the duration and destination of the tour.
  • choose who may attend the kayaking tour. Difficult weather conditions, e.g. strong winds  are not suitable for everyone.

Remember to

  • Arrive in time to the Myllysaari kayaking centre. We start paddling around 17:30, which means that you’ll have to arrive latest at 17:00, even earlier if the weather is good. We have a limited suppy of kayaks!
  • Bring extra clothing with you: A raincoat is always a good idea. It’s possible to get wet since we’re on a lake: bring dry clothes with you and pack them so that they stay dry. (e.g. in a plastic back or in a drysack)
  • Have something to drink, preferably water,  in a bottle that you can attach on the deck of the kayak. Usually any plastic bottle will be just fine. Glass bottles are a bad idea.
  • Bring some snacks those you can eat in our campsite. We also have a campfire for sausages etc.
  • Bring cash for the kayak rent fee. You can also use Mobile Pay.


  • not later than 17:00: our kayaking guides available in Myllysaari kayaking centre
  • 17:30 official starting time, everybody is in a kayak and we start paddling
  • around 19:00. We arrive to our campsite in Ruohosaari
  • around 20:30-21:00: We return to Myllysaari, clean and dry the kayaks and other equipment and head for home.

Prices in 2022

In cash only.

  • adults 15€
  • students 7€
  • members of Saimaan Latu 7€
  • children under 16 years free of charge (with a parent)


We require that you have decent swimming skills and are in normal condition. According to The Finnish Association for Swimming Instruction and Life Saving, a person who, after having fallen in deep water in such a way that their head goes under the water and after re-surfacing, can swim 200 meters continuously, of which 50 meters is on their back, can be said to have swimming ability.

If you have a condition that can cause loss of balance or consciousness you are required to tell about it to our kayaking guides.

For you own safety, you are required to obey all orders from our kayaking guides.

Additional information: sari.turppo@gmail.com or saila.kajakkivuokraus@gmail.com